Moulds Models and Prototypes

Partner of customers in the analysis of feasibility and implementation of their projects.

Our skills are focused on the creation of:

- rotational moulds;
- thermoforming moulds;
- models for moulds in composite materials (fiberglass and carbon) in the marine, automotive, aeronautical sectors and furniture;
- foundry patterns;
- aesthetic and functional  models.

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Rotational division - casted, machined from block and kayak moulds


thermoforming moulds - aluminium and mdf gallery

Composite materials

composite materials gallery - Models and moulds in ureol, aluminium, MDF, hybrid

Foundry models

Foundry gallery - Models in beech plywood, polystyrene, resin or aluminium - Fusion in aluminium or bronze

Aesthetic models

aesthetic and functional models gallery - polystyrene, resins, plexiglass models

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