Bit&Gml Engineering and Hi-Tech


Bit&Gml has worked since 2001 in the field of designing and manufacturing models, prototypes and moulds made in various materials and with different technologies, especially in the use of CNC machines through the application of CAD/CAM software.

Satisfying your needs is our strength.

The investments made in innovative technologies, the continuous training and the experience gained by our staff are a precious asset that allows us to offer products of excellent quality.

The Bit&Gml team is able to follow the entire process of making molds, models and prototypes, from design to production, offering the following services:

  • engineering and feasibility analysis;
  • acquisition of forms with various instruments, reverse engineering and production of dimensional reports;
  • modeling with CAD software and photorealistic visualization (rendering) and generation of toolpaths with CAM software;
  • realization of different types of moulds, also in considerable sizes, with the use of the internal foundry and of various types of 5-axis CNC milling machines with large fields of work
  • production of aesthetic and functional models and prototypes in various materials;
  • realization of prototype molds for technical checks and related sampling.

Our working methodology, based on a strong interaction with the customer through a constant and dynamic comparison, guarantees high quality standards. Furthermore, thanks to the diligence, professionalism and disposability of our staff, we are able to combine expertise, organization and flexibility, which are essential factors for the success of each project in compliance with the required timelines.

A constant quality control guarantees the whole process.

The main fields of application of our services are:

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